ASX Announcements

16/05/2017Market Update Following App ReleaseDownload
16/05/2017Market Update Following App ReleaseDownload
10/05/2017Appendix 3BDownload
10/05/2017App Launched & Available in Apple iTunes & Google Play StoreDownload
09/05/2017Cleansing ProspectusDownload
09/05/2017Thred Confirms iOS & Google App Store Launch DateDownload
09/05/2017Thred Lodges Microsoft Word Plug-In with MicrosoftDownload
09/05/2017Appendix 3B - Lateral OptionsDownload
09/05/2017App Accepted by Thred and Options Issued to LateralDownload
03/05/2017Capital RaisingDownload
02/05/2017Performance Share UpdateDownload
02/05/2017App Delivered to Thred EarlyDownload
01/05/2017Trading HaltDownload
28/04/2017Change of Director's Interest NoticeDownload
28/04/2017Appendix 4C - quarterlyDownload
24/04/2017Thred Confirms its Platform Development Completion & LaunchDownload
21/04/2017Thred V1 Launch to Include Powerful Channels FeatureDownload
20/04/2017Change of Director's Interest NoticeDownload
18/04/2017Thred Confirms Apple & Google App Store ApprovalsDownload
13/04/2017Thred Releases Preview of UI DesignDownload
10/04/2017Results of MeetingDownload
10/04/2017Thred Confirms App SubmisionDownload
06/04/2017Cleansing ProspectusDownload
06/04/2017Cleansing Offer ClosedDownload
04/04/2017Software Development Agreement to Incentivise LateralDownload
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