Social Micro-blogging

Start a conversation across multiple Social Networks, and actively collaborate with your coworkers and friends in real-time.

Global Search

Search the web from within the app. Book an Uber or share your location, all without leaving the app.

Multi Device

Connect to your network anywhere, any time. Download the App for your mobile iPhone, Android and Desktop applications.

Private Messages

Send private messages in group chats.


You will never communicate the same way again.
Staying connected is more important than ever. We provide a simple way to collaborate, share knowledge, and engage everyone across your network.

Cross platform

OFFICE 365 integration

Social media integration.


User Data Security

In-App search

Multiple Conversations

Micro Threds


See what's included in the App

SCREENSplash Thred
SCREENStart Thred
SCREENThred Chat
SCREENThred View Search Web
SCREENThred View Search Images
SCREENNew Thred Add User Default
SCREENFeed Default


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