Simplify your life with a thred

Cross Platform

With Thred you can connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime, regardless of which social, mail or business app they use. No more new apps just to stay in touch with your connections.

Unified Messaging and Social

Imagine one single place for all social, service, business or mail app contacts. All your connections in one place. While most of us add new apps just to keep up with friends, this is no longer a vexing task thanks to Thred… We’re about connecting connections.

Why don’t you ‘thred’ me

Once you’ve brought all your contacts into one place, start a thred. Thred is a unique convergence for all your communications and digital chores. Talk with many, a few or one, all with ease and agility.

Thred is obvious and ingenious

Thred is underpinned by powerful functionality that allows you to share content, take photos, add files, pictures, voice, video or locations; book an Uber or a concert ticket, all without accessing other apps.

Media where you want it

The Thred experience is enhanced with direct integration of your favourite media content.

Unified. Simplified. Personalised

We’ve developed Thred to solve the growing problem of cross platform communications and the incessant need to download new apps to stay connected and be productive. We delivered what consumers want … one app to simplify my busy digital life.

We connect your connections by ingenious aggregation


Thred amplifies your cross-platform communications by knowing when you need a ride, a reservation or a delivery, all done within Thred.


Thred makes it easy to navigate between work and social, putting all your work and social tools in one place with cool collaboration and productivity tools. We’ve developed neat add-ins to allow you to enjoy the full thred experience in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, WordPress and KeyNote.

Share Listen & Watch

Snack on all your favourite media or social content with our unique channels feeds. With Thred, you have unlimited access to watch, listen and share music, videos and media content in one singular space.

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